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Let Your Imagination Roam Free, And I’ll Make it Happen!


You dream big, and I execute

You want the success of your business’ potential. The strategies swarm in your mind. You may already have a team and need direction on how to maximize their productivity. Maybe you’re considering growing your team. Or you might consider taking the leap and opening an additional branch.


Fledgling companies, such as Bounce-N-Shape and Pomelo, reached out to me for a pathway to success. I became their fractional COO; trusted confidant and advisor.  I branded the companies, created lists of whom to hire, how much to pay, and which policies and procedures to make for ensured success, arranged their facilities, and streamlined their operations. Once the businesses took off, they were able to manage them on their own. As these businesses’ productivity levels increased,  they are prospering.


I take your business out of chaos with simple-to-implement solutions

The impact of my work has been especially evident in larger companies like Hamaspik and Vibes Recreation Center. They were groping in the dark in certain areas; they were struggling to resolve ongoing issues with their processes. They reached out. I figured out where the disconnects were and provided workable solutions. They were able to adopt my simple solutions, which allowed them to quickly improve their workflow.


Meet Breindy

Breindy was known as an energetic, mischievous child, who always got her hands into everything. Curiosity is woven into her, and she made sure to find opportunities to learn how things work. With time she learned how appliances function and how to fix complex machinery. Her inquisitive nature fostered her interest in interpersonal matters as well. Thus she developed a fantastic ability to resolve communication discords. She has yet to change. Her strategies are thought out from every angle and are multi-dimensional.


When Breindy developed a keen understanding of her inquisitive nature, she became passionate about psychology. She recognized her innate ability to observe people's behaviors and the reasons for their actions. Hence, she pursued a degree in psychology and graduated from Excelsior College with her Bachelor’s in Psychology. 


She is fascinated with human tendencies. And she is mesmerized at how we as people can incorporate traits when looking around and learning about our surroundings. Breindy learned how lionesses have strong stamina and will not relent until they hunt down their target. She internalizes this determination and incorporates it in business. She too is dedicated and will not surrender, until she achieves the goals she set out for herself.


It’s not a far-fetched conclusion then that Breindy, with her dynamic personality and insistence, should be your go-to person for real-time implementation ideas. You can literally give your business over to her. She’s super-fast and analytical when figuring out how businesses run. You’d think she’s an old-timer at the company.


When Breindy’s involved in your business, business grows exponentially

She will resolve complicated issues that are impeding your company, despite its huge potential. If the CEO is occupied with the current business procedures, she can get involved and grow your business, such as opening a new branch and hiring and training employees.


The CEO is involved as much or as little as he or she wishes

Hire her today. For start-ups she can act as a sweat equity partner, building the company from branding up until it operates on autopilot. When the job is done and everything is in sync the way the CEO wants it to be, you can send her. Or she can be an ongoing Fractional COO. Call her at any given time, on an as-needed basis. If inhouse is too expensive and you have the team that can carry out a plan, she will be a business coach like no other. With her on board, you will be able to realize all your business’s desires.


She is an on-target thinker, practical implementer, and above all – trusted confidant.





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