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Ari Levertov -

Dark Horse Integration Services Every successful visionary needs a strong integrator. Are you a visionary committed to bringing your ideas to life to better serve your clients or community, yet don't have the bandwidth to deal with it all? You need support! At Dark Horse Integrations, we will help you implement that vision, by creating a plan of actionable steps and integrating the moving parts of the puzzle to deliver a project of success from start to completion while you focus on what you do best, running and growing your organization. Our Rainbow of Services: Events: ● Coordination and planning ● Source sponsors ● Liaison management (vendors, clients) Includes a strategy and planning session, research and coordination of events. Full planning and coordination of all moving parts, vendors, sponsors, etc. Marketing: ● Marketing and branding strategy (platform, Email, social,PPC,print) ● Promotion-Offline marketing campaigns- email, print ads, social, graphics, video (strategy, and coordinate logistics) ● Coordinate swag/merch ● Coordinate Website strategy (wireframe, layout, features), launch/overhaul Non-profit campaign Includes a brainstorming-planning session for a marketing business or non profit campaign, website launch or overhaul or merchandise line. Research for design, management of project and design itself with up to two revisions. E-Commerce ● Liaison management (vendors, clients, manufacturers, etc) ● Set up/launch on a new platform (Amazon, Email, Social, etc) Includes a strategy and planning session, research and development, for client liaison management, or of a new platform or website.. Full launch and management of all moving parts. Collaboration ● Hiring ● Recruiting ● Referrals Includes a clarity-brainstorming session and up to five referrals/intros to those who will take your company to the next level. Reach out and let’s get your ideas done! . Ari Levertov - 917-474-3093

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